Guarantee. Ibero African Hunts guarantee a very high trophy quality. Our Professional Hunters will not encourage our clients to shoot at any animal that is non-trophy worthy. We guarantee that 70% of our clients´trophies will meet the minimum standards set by the Safari Club International (SCI). In many cases the trophies will also exceed Rowland Ward minimum standards.

Licences. We organise all necessary national and regional hunting licences for our clients. All we require is a passport photocopy (or ID card) and a photocopy of your current valid firearms licence.


Firearms. Cross-border firearm transportation is the responsibility of each client, however, we are happy to provide information and advice regarding importation procedures which are relatively straightforward. We would urge clients to bring their own rifle and scope. Whilst we have a selection of high quality equipment, all seasoned hunters prefer using their own rifles thereby optimising performance. For clients not wishing to bring their own rifle, we have a range of high quality bolt action rifles, semi-automatic rifles (for use in Spain only) and scopes which we can make available at little cost. Ammunition is also provided at a small cost.


Taxidermy and trophies Spain. A taxidermist attends all our hunts and can make the necessary arrangements with each participant at the end of each day. Our taxidermist will provide each client with on-the-spot reasonable quotes, depending on the client´s requirements, and make the necessary domestic or international transport arrangements.

Taxidermy and trophies Africa. All our clients´ trophies are carefully looked after at all times and we ensure each client receives a professional and seamless service starting from when the trigger is pulled to when the trophy arrives at home. In Africa, the master taxidermist, management and team of 21 staff on our 13,000 square foot African San Taxidermy Studio will ensure that your valuable trophies are expertly handled and exported safely to their final destination. Importantly, we guarantee that the trophies will be delivered in good time avoiding interminable months of waiting.

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