Our luxury camps are very comfortable with all the modern amenities to ensure comfort and safety. With hot and cold running water, fully equiped bathrooms, ceiling fans and air conditioning, wifi and other amenties, our camp will be your home away from home. Laundry is done on a daily basis to keep you spick and span throughout your safari with us and your rooms are attended to every day by our friendly staff.

Our well stocked “watering holes” will cater to your thirst with our variety of beers, wines, liquors, cold drinks and mineral water. Our clients are requested to complete a Client Information Sheet to ensure that we can cater to your preferences and any special dietary needs. Succulent game meat is our specialty.


Typically we organise hunting events in Castilla y La Mancha, Extremadura and Castilla y Leon which are generally accepted as the best big game hunting regions in Spain and near major airports, most importantly Madrid. For our international clients, Madrid airport is usually the first destination where they will be met by our drivers who will transport them by private car to the relevant luxury hotel near to the ranch where the hunt (or hunts) will be conducted. All transport in Spain is included.

Accommodation is always of the highest possible standard. Typically we arrange for our clients to stay in 5 star hotels. Sometimes this is simply not possible as there may not be a 5 star hotel in the area near where the hunting event will be conducted. In this case we arrange top-end 4 star accommodation for our clients. All meals and drinks are included throughout the entire holiday.


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