Big 5 specialists! In Zimbabwe we organise hunting safaris in various regions including private game reserves in West Neckelson, Binga, Gwie, Sengue and Matetsi. In Zimbabwe we can offer our clients a huge range of species from antilope, trophy buffalo through to elephants and leopard at unbeatable rates taking into account the high trophy quality.

It is our view that Zimbabwe offers some of Africa´s best hunting safaris and value for money. We can offer our clients competitive rates and an unsurpassable trophy quality combined with first class accommodation, catering and overall client service. 

Zimbabwe's wilderness areas are still quite untamed and thus very exciting to hunt. The hunting areas and concessions we use are  open, with many animals roaming in and out of the area as they please. This means that an animal, and trophy opportunity, will appear at the opportune moment, adding an extra trophy to your repertoire.

Four of the Big Five (elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard) are available on our hunting safaris in Zimbabwe. Additional dangerous game species include both crocodile and hippopotamus. Some unique plains game subspecies are also available for hunting in Zimbabwe, like the Chobe bushbuck and Livingstone eland.

Zimbabwe has long been one of Africa's top safari destinations. Formerly known as Rhodesia, it is a land-locked country surrounded by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the west, Zambia to the north, and Mozambique to the east. The Zambezi River defines it northern border and attracts many tourists each year to view the spectacular Victoria Falls; at twice the height of America's Niagara Falls, it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. When hunting Zimbabwe, many safari clients include a side trip to the falls. The Limpopo River flows along Zimbabwes southern border and, when hunting Zimbabwe, a tiger fishing trip may be in order´as well.

Hunting in Zimbabwe's vast game reserves and concessions can be a challenge for even the most experienced hunter. Hunting areas are typically one of three different types; governmental, tribal, and private, all of which have their own unique rules. Most of these areas encompass thousands of acres and are non-fenced and open. Hunting areas are mostly mopane forest and dry, grassy savanna. Hunting in Zimbabwe is accomplished primarily on foot - however, the terrain is not especially rugged and therefore not very physically demanding.

Still reminiscent of the "wild Africa" of a bygone era, game is plentiful. All of the plains game species abound here, as well as the Big Five. If you are keen to hunt Zimbabwe for elephant, the country is home to an estimated 100 000 of the world's largest land mammal. Lion and leopard hunting is still open here and the success rate is high. Hunting Zimbabwe for the big cats is done exclusively over bait and it is of note that cheetah can also be taken here. A word of caution - while cheetah can be taken, their import into some countries of the world is prohibited. In addition to the Big Five, if you come to hunt Zimbabwe for hippo or croc, you will not be disappointed. These two aquatic dwellers abound in Zimbabwe's rivers and pans, and can be counted upon to make for an interesting hunt.

While Zimbabwe has suffered some difficult times recently, the country is on the mend and you can come to hunt Zimbabwe with the confidence that the sport hunting and safari industry has remained strong even during the hard times.

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Our luxury camps are very comfortable with all the modern amenities to ensure comfort and safety. With hot and cold running water, fully equiped bathrooms, ceiling fans and air conditioning, wifi and other amenties, our camp will be your home away from home. Laundry is done on a daily basis to keep you spick and span throughout your safari with us and your rooms are attended to every day by our friendly staff.

Our well stocked “watering holes” will cater to your thirst with our variety of beers, wines, liquors, cold drinks and mineral water. Our clients are requested to complete a Client Information Sheet to ensure that we can cater to your preferences and any special dietary needs. Succulent game meat is our specialty.


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