With over 15 years experience Ibero African Hunts offers hunting holidays to Africa and Spain all year round partnering with the most prestigious, award-winning event organisers and outfitters. We are a renowned hunting holiday organiser with an impressive proven track record focusing predominantly on the unique and incomparable Spanish driven hunt, Spanish stalking hunts and African hunting safaris principally in South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

All the year round we organise luxury hunting safaris to South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana offering our clients a very wide range of high quality trophy animals at competitive rates. In terms of trophy quality we guarantee that more than 70% of the trophies will meet minimum standards as set by the Safari Club International (SCI). In many cases the trophies will also exceed Rowland Ward minimums.

In Spain we organise red deer, mouflon, fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar hunting throughout the entire year in our own private game reserve spanning over 1,000 hectares and situated just half an hour from Salamanca, one of the country´s most beautiful and historic cities offering a range of cultural and tourist activities to visitors, as well as gastronomical delights and wine tasting distractions.

In Spain we also organise Spanish Ibex hunting in all the four main regions. These regions are largely recognised as the best in which to hunt Spanish Ibex yielding the highest achievable trophy quality in the world. We guarantee our clients the required trophy level whether that be gold, silver, bronze or representative. The Spanish Ibex is undoubtedly one of the most unique and prestigious big game species in the world and should be on every discerning hunter´s checklist.

We organise all aspects of the holiday from the minute our client steps foot on Spanish or African soil. Our holidays include the hunting events themselves, all private car transport, luxury accommodation, and all meals and drinks. Crucially our events come with a minimum kill guarantee and an unsurpassable trophy quality guarantee which are not provided by other event organisers in Spain or Africa. The result is a thoroughly unique, exhilarating and unforgettable hunting holiday experience yielding an unbeatably high trophy quality.


Each hunting holiday we offer our clients requires a tremendous coordinated effort and organisation. Our staff include drivers, translators, hunt organisers, spotters, trackers, professional hunters, cameramen, photographers, taxidermists, skinners, butchers, chefs, waiters, cleaners and more. All need to be directed and coordinated before, during and after the holiday to ensure our clients´ experience is flawless and unforgettable.

Ibero African Hunts works closely with our partner firms in Africa and Spain without which the high quality of our hunting holidays, and trophy level, would be almost impossible to achieve. Year after year our partners have won numerous awards for the best, most spectacular and trophy yielding hunting events in Spain and Africa. As event organisers they are rightfully considered amongst the best. We are honoured to work with them and owe our success to their collaboration and professionalism which has been demonstrated time and time again allowing us to provide our clients with an exclusive, unforgettable and unbeatable hunting holiday experience.


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