In Spain we organise three main hunting events throughout the year. All year round stalk hunting of red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer and wild boar. Hunting of all four Spanish Ibex sub-types. And the reknowned Spanish wild boar driven hunts from October to February.

For red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer and wild boar stalking hunts we use our own private game reserve situated just 30 minutes from the city of Salamanca in Spain. Salamanca was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. This charming city is untouched in its architectural purity and offers the tourist a plethora of cultural activities and site-seeing options. At our ranch we offer our clients first class accommodation and a range of services on a par to what one would expect in a luxury hotel. Our ranch spans over 1,000 hectares with red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflon and wild boar roaming freely. We are licensed to conduct deer stalking throughout the entire year all organised on a completely tailor made basis.

The Spanish Ibex is one of Spain´s most unique and exclusive species and considered highly prestigious by discerning hunters worldwide. The Spanish Ibex hunt is one of the most desired hunting experiences in the world and we offer hunting of all four "head types" since only two Ibex sub-species are officially recognised by the CIC. The mountainous terrain is not only stunningly beautiful but physically challenging. Our experience and understanding of this unique and truly wild animal, as well as the terrain, allows us to adapt and tailor make the hunt depending on the requirements, and physical ability, of each hunter and at all times ensuring client satisfaction. We have at our disposal mountain trained horses to assist clients who may find the physical challenges of hunting Spanish Ibex strenuous. We guarantee that the required trophy level will be met, the hunt will be unforgettable and unique set within unparalleled natural beauty, and that the overall hunting holiday experience will be one to repeat.

In Spain we also organise the reknowned wild boar driven hunt although red deer, mouflon and fallow deer may also be shot at such hunts. The driven hunts take place from October through to February, usually at the weekend taking in one or two separate and spectacular hunts. The Spanish driven hunt is easily one of the most exhilirating, heart pounding hunting experiences available today and should be tried at least once in a lifetime.

For further information please send an email to or call +44 (0)7881 284 183 (United Kingdom). You will receive a reply within 24 hours.



Typically we organise hunting events in Castilla y La Mancha, Extremadura and Castilla y Leon which are generally accepted as the best big game hunting regions in Spain and near major airports, most importantly Madrid. For our international clients, Madrid airport is usually the first destination where they will be met by our drivers who will transport them by private car to the relevant luxury hotel near to the ranch where the hunt (or hunts) will be conducted. All transport in Spain is included.

Accommodation is always of the highest possible standard. Typically we arrange for our clients to stay in 5 star hotels. Sometimes this is simply not possible as there may not be a 5 star hotel in the area near where the hunting event will be conducted. In this case we arrange top-end 4 star accommodation for our clients. All meals and drinks are included throughout the entire holiday.


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